Golfing in Mesa, Arizona

mesa arizona golf courseMesa Arizona has some of the most beautiful golf courses in the state. Between black hawk ridge being ranked one of the top courses in the country and Mesa bluffs 9 hole executive course, rated one of the top executive courses in the country, they have a little bit of something for all golfers. If you’ve ever golf before, you know how frustrating the game can be. It’s hard to be frustrated when you have some of the most scenic views in the country lying behind that shank you just hit. While we realize that for some people, it just doesn’t matter how beautiful the course is that you’re playing on. We know you’re still going to get pissed off and that your attitude towards life isn’t that great anyway and your probably an unhappy person in general, this post isn’t for you. Please go read one of our other posts, maybe that will cheer you up.

The Royal Palms Golf Course in Mesa Arizona is one of our top picks. This course is pretty straight forward but is challenging enough that it wouldn’t take much to ruin your round. With all the water and sand traps located throughout the course you could add 4 extra strokes to your score in the blink of an eye. Aside from that, this course is all around awesome. During the summer months this course usually costs around $40 per round but that includes a full bucket of balls to hit and also access to their awesome and challenging putting green. While the longest hole on the course is 565 yards, the course also boasts some pretty awesome par 3 pin locations with incredibly scenic views. When it comes to golfing in Mesa, Royals Palms is our favorite and feel like you’ll get the most “bang for your buck” here.

Dobson Ranch is probably one of the best known golf courses in the valley. Dobson Ranch has been featured on lot of major golf publications including Golf Digest Magazine. This course is one of the most challenging golf courses in Arizona (seriously, it was ranked #3 hardest) and for good reasons. This course has some of the tightest fairways around and if you don’t hit the fairway there’s a really good chance your ball is going to end up in the desert or with the fishes. Someone we know actually goes into the rough around this course and collects balls to re-sell them. He said that this is one of the best courses to do this at because of all the lost balls. He also said that you would be amazed at how many of those balls literally end up 3 yards off the fairway and get covered up by bushes and shrubs. With all of these factors in play plus all of the steep sand traps and tough pin locations behind bodies of water, Dobson Ranch is the most challenging golf course we’ve played in Mesa.

Mesa is home to almost 100 golf courses so it would be quite a task to write reviews on all of them which is why we went ahead and just listed our top 2 favorites. We highly recommend the city of Mesa when you’re planning your next golf outing. Plenty of options at affordable prices, so go for it! This post was sponsored by Mesa Towing Pro’s, you can visit their website here.…