The Wonderful Community of Mesa, Arizona

Mesa, Arizona is home to fine dining, spring training games, shopping, an electric nightlife, and much more. The Mesa Arizona community also looks out for each other and is a very friendly city to live in. However, we are not living in a fantasy world over here and we know that there are some neighborhoods that could definitely use some help. The majority of the city, however, is quite nice and peaceful.

Mesa is actually home to one of the top rated golf courses in the country! Mesa Peaks Golf Course was voted #76 on the top 100 list by Golf Digest Magazine. This course, and many others like it, are surrounded by million dollar homes in gated communities. Not a lot of people think of big money when they think of Mesa, and they are correct for the most part. The city of Mesa, Arizona has a median household income of around $54,000 so it’s not like people are balling out of control around here. We feel like this adds to the community because we’re all just trying to make it and provide a good life for ourselves and our families. That’s just another awesome feature of Mesa is that even though we have a wide diversity of income levels, we all stick together like one big family.

One other awesome thing about Mesa is that there are so many social networking events that it’s very easy to make friends and business connections. After living in Phoenix for quite some time, I moved to Mesa to check it out and was instantly welcomed by all of my neighbors. Before I knew it we were having block parties with music, BBQ, drinks, and a whole lot of fun. My experience in Mesa over the last several years has been unique and memorable, and I look forward to living and growing with this community for many years to come.…